Friday, July 25, 2014

starbuck kid

Sitting in starbucks just noticed an infant in line with a stroller. My right eye went naturally to his right eye and looked for the connection. Thought about seeing his left eye with mine and there was a delay in my ability to switch from my right eye to my left eye and see what I was seeing. Briefly thought I made a connection with the right eye but did not see anything personal with my left eye to his left eye. I don't know what the baby was seeing but I  find it interesting how my habit of looking continues to be so one sided.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I cannot say I am comfortable with using the left side organization of myself as the dominant side but it is very interesting as the fragments seem to be coalescing. When I am able to see the persona on the left which again is an active process there is a subtle postural change that happens throughout my muscular-skeleton.  The change is easily overridden by my usual posture but it does not feel to be a conscious control. My right and left dominant posture seems to be set by my perception. When I see the persona on the left side of others my body responds to engage that person from my left.