Friday, August 22, 2014

The thrill has left

Watching BB King sing he has the microphone set up on his left side. BB King is left handed but plays right handed on the guitar. Watching his lips he opens the mouth much wider on the left and seems to sing from his left side. It may be he is just responding to the placement of the microphone. I think he is demonstrating more vocal muscular control on the left. It reminded me of this video of the autistic boy who seemed to switch way to the right to open his mouth when he imitated Iago from Aladdin.

If I want to talk using my left tongue/side of head. I have to engage a great deal of musculature on the left that seems to have a much more passive role when I normally speak

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Split Judgement

I have been focusing on left eye to left eye contact and trying to imagine the persona that is reflected on the left side of other's faces. It feels to be an active process to see the persona residing in the left half of others. On the right it is something I seem to do automatically. I have to look for the left eye and scan what I see around the eye/face. While on the right side I can take it in a glance. During our walks as a person comes down the path at us my right side can very easily make a judgement about the right sided person I see from a good distance. Focusing on the left side of their head takes quite a bit of time. I think most people have more facial expression on their right side which is easier to take in. The left side for most seems to be less (searching for the correct word here) communicative.

As you judge you shall be judged

Psychologists have discovered that our brains automatically process a person's facial features with the first glance we have of them, helping us to form snap judgements about them before consciously perceiving their appearance.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Positive and negative

I have been getting more sense of differentiation of the left and right sublingual musculature. When playing with left under tongue musculature I get a nice feeling of elongation that extends all the way form my clavicle on the left through the hyoid to the left anterior mandible. It also provides a relief to left posterior skull spinal muscles in a way I never experienced.  I had no sense of the independence of this under tongue musculature a few years ago as I had one undifferentiated mass that I used without much thought. There are strong connections to how I use my head and spine that still feels quite foreign to my usual organization of my muscular-skeleton. Again the process seems more predicated on communication and perception of the right side dominant in myself and others

On a negative note I am getting what feels to be hip pain on the right while taking my walks. At first I thought it might be related to some skeletal reorganization related to the left tongue/eye/head. I am now leaning more to joint arthritis of the femoral head as the pain wraps around pelvis to front and back in a deep ache. If I stop ambulating the pain goes away after a bit but reoccurs when I ambulate any significant distance.