Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unintelligent that's what I am

Unforgettable again

When I look at Nat's face his left side appears to me to be the better looking more expressive side when he sings. When he talks in the beginning I get a sense that it is right side dominated and he starts to move into his left with the song.  All very subjective and speculative on my part. However to say there is a discrepancy in the sides of his face is less speculative. In my own face I have difficulty in using the left side in a differentiated pattern from the right. I cannot use the musculature of the left side of face without paying much more attention.  I do not think it is just a matter of habit. My left side of face in expressing emotion is in a sense not as intelligent as my right side (opposite cerebral hemisphere).  I think this under use can be improved.and has a larger impact on posture than can be appreciated than just by a non-active understanding.

Monday, July 29, 2013

One sided

A major problem with my idea that my tongue is right side dominated is that I can move it normally and that I feel the left side. My tongue does not deviate but would if there was a lesion in either the innervation or the brain. It leaves me to conclude that there is something in the tongue structure that allows it to be dominated by one side though it needs the other side to be innevated normally with the abilty to contract and relax.

Elephant trunks, monkey tails seem to have those characteristics and when they specialize with complex tasks one side of the brain seems to dominate.


So what?

Even if I am speaking with two tongues or both hemispheres of my brain so what?  For the amount of effort and time there seems to be remarkably little benefit.  There may be specific areas in physical and rehab therapy that have a slight possibility of translating to someone else but it seems impossible for most to pay attention to the minutiae that I have played with.  Adding to that the large possibility it is a wild goose chase why would anyone in their right mind persist?

I do think I am correct. Playing with the left tongue this morning the left side of my neck relaxed briefly in a way that it has never done before. It felt like both the anterior and posterior sides were balanced including the right left components. By relaxing the left tongue the engagement of musculature not needed in the neck paused.

However, so what?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Can I be bi-hemispheric in speech?

I think I can. I believe I am. I believe I am using the left tongue to talk when I want. The right tongue is my normal and habitual but I feel I can switch between the two fairly rapidly,  I am unclear where the ideas for the words are originated. I may mechanically be using the left tongue but unable to generate the thinking in words in my right hemisphere.  If I had to bet on it I would say that I can speak without the left hemispheric input..

I feel my speech was largely learned through mimicking from the connections I made with my parents. I learned to connect to the right eye with the feedback of them talking mainly to my right eye. However once the process was started my left tongue became undifferentiated from my right tongue. By the time I started talking I feel I only perceived I had one tongue' one chin,one throat, my right side dominating with my left side subordinate. 

How did Michelle's brain learn to switch the speech centers to her right hemisphere? If Michelle can learn to use the right hemisphere why can't I? I believe the answer lies in my perception of how I relate to others and the sense of having a separate left tongue/face/throat to use. 

Pretty wacky ideas from a guy who barely communicate normally.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The sissy bar in my throat

I am trying to have the left side of the hyoid bone come forward as I stick out my left tongue. It is an interesting area to play with as it seems so intimate.  I am trying to ask for a lengthening and relaxation of the area between the left side of throat and under chin as I push out my 'left' tongue. It feels like I keep the right side more lengthened and relaxed while the the left contracted and small.  I am trying to have the right side contract while the left lengthens but my tendency seems to be engage the left side first in a stabilization kind of feeling that negates the right side contraction.

Or it all just may be a cognitive bias on my part with no reference to reality.

The sissy bar in my throat

Hyoid bone

Friday, July 26, 2013

Twisted to the left

In recent play with my left tongue there is increased cooperation with the musculature of the left side of head, face, neck and throat.  It feels like I 'fixed' these structures in place so that I would be able to express and read emotions with my right side. The right eye was in a slight position of dominance with my left eye almost held out to the left. It feels like my head was twisted slightly to the left in order to facilitate the right sided dominance. The slight twist of the head is immediately translated to the spine and then pelvis with slight engagement backwards on the left. There is a nice sense of relaxation on the left erector spinae when I let my left tongue relax/ push? forward. It is not something that I can maintain as I tend to go back into my familiar right side dominated mode with a slight drop in my attention to my left tongue. My right side moves into the position of dominance very quickly as it is who I am. It is how I related to the world for over a half century and most likely will to continue be the more natural way I engage my environment.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brain lateralization.


No talk of a left tongue or relating to the right eye but a good read on brain lateralization. A quick excerpt.

"Equipotentiality, most clearly attributed to Lenneberg (1967), portrays the cerebral hemispheres of the brain as having equal potential in the development of functional specialization for language. Although this is an appealing notion, neurophysiological differences between hemispheres (Molfese et al., 1975; Wada et al., 1975) and early neuroanatomical differences limit its explanatory power. Of course, rejection of the notion of early equal potential of hemispheres does not rule out the possibility that functional lateralization is a progressive, developmental process.

The extent to which functions are progressively lateralized to cerebral hemispheres is still a matter of controversy (Kinsbourne, 1975; Satz, 1976). Cerebral lateralization has been portrayed to follow patterns similar to that for the development of numerous psychological functions (Bruner, 1974; Piaget, 1952). From this point of view, the functional lateralization of hemispheres is seen to follow a progressive pattern of consolidation of functions corresponding to the child’s neurological development (e.g., Dean, 1985a; Satz et al., 1975). Although arguments favoring early speciļ¬c specialization continue (Kinsbourne, 1975), a large corpus of data exists supporting developmental progression in the lateralization of functions (see Dean, 1985a). While left hemisphericasymmetries related to language are present at birth, further research has demonstrated that language may still develop normally in children who sustain a unilateral lesion in the left hemisphere (Dean &Anderson, 1997). Neuroimaging studies have postulated two sides to the development or presence of functional lateralization such that language is either bilaterally organized at birth and becomes specializedto the left hemisphere or language is localized to the left hemisphere at birth (Balsamo et al., 2002; Booth et al., 2001)."

Half a brain

Rewired Link is gone

Rewired same story without video

Nice short video of a gal who probably had a stroke in the womb which led to a major impairments.
It is incredible what she was able to accomplish. The family support was probably the key to her gaining the function that she has.

Her gait does not seem that abnormal. On the stairs it is more pronounced.  I do not know if she uses orthotics. What I find amazing is that she can walk at all. It is interesting that the Doc suggested that she may have gained certain functions at the expense of others.  There may have been a trade off between analytic/movement functions and emotional/understanding control.

Her speech seems only slightly impaired. She is missing her left cortex where usually the speech centers are. She appears to be using her the left side and mirroring the movements partially with the right when she talks. I feel when I talk my right side dominates with my left badly imitating. As far as I know I do not have only a half a brain but I am wondering if my left hemisphere is asserting more control in the function of speech than a strict wiring to the right side of my face,tongue, throat, and eye. In essence does the function of speech dominate my structures over time?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Efficient dominatrix communication

Have been playing with my left tongue and even though I cannot control it well,  it feels as if the one sided lateralization is an adaptation to my environment. I have linked these articles below several times.  They do not say what I am feeling or come close to my conclusion.  I believe I picked up the traits of a rightie in my lifetime from my relatively recent play with my left tongue.  I do not think I will be ever achieve a parity in the use of my left and right side or even come close. However my paying attention to the movements of my left side face, throat, eye and tongue suggest to me it is underuse and non differentiation more than something innate. The under representation of left side(right hemisphere) is more due to the efficiency of right sided dominance in our society. I believe it comes from how I learned to connect and communicate with others.


EVANSTON, Ill. --- Lefties have always been a bit of a puzzle. Representing only 10 percent of the general human population, left-handers have been viewed with suspicion and persecuted across history. The word “sinister” even derives from “left or left-hand.”
Two Northwestern University researchers now report that a high degree of cooperation, not something odd or sinister, plays a key role in the rarity of left-handedness. They developed a mathematical model that shows the low percentage of lefties is a result of the balance between cooperation and competition in human evolution.

Trunk to mouth

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Of trunks, tails and tongues

Grew up in New York. One had to talk fast or was considered slow. First job in Oregon after college had to learn to talk a little slower so not to appear as rude. My left tongue is currently much slower than my right tongue in trying to shape the sounds for words. Was my right dominated tongue 100 percent lateralized in speech previously?  I believe so, I am feeling movements in the left tongue that I never did before.

trunk to mouth

In a subsequent analysis, Martin and Niemitz timed the elephants' feeding and found that those who preferred to reach and retrieve from one side of their mouths were up to 0.7 seconds faster at eating than more ambidextrous animals....

The only other study from the literature of comparative psychology or biology looking at an unpaired grasping organ, says Martin, reported an even stronger side preference in a very different animal: spider monkeys. The research, conducted by Laska and published in Cortex (Vol. 34, No. 1), found that when captive adult monkeys reach for raisins with their tails, they curl their tails around the food in the same direction 100 percent of the time.
"We found some of the strongest lateralization ever recorded" in monkeys, Laska notes.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Why do elephants have trunks?

A: Because they would look silly with glove compartments.

Used to love elephant jokes as a kid.

If we specialize with our hands do we with our tongues?  The intricacies of communication probably match anything out there in terms of specialization. Cut to video of cute baby elephant.

How do I drink with this thing

Trunk to mouth

"There should be no advantage at all for preferring one hand or one foot because our world demands from us that both sides should be able to perform manipulations equally well," says Matthias Konstantin Laska, PhD, a biologist at the University of Munich who studies side preferences in new world monkeys. For example, a monkey grabbing for a banana would benefit from being able to choose the hand closest to the food, he notes. Additionally, localization of an ability to a particular area of the brain means an animal is more vulnerable to having that skill knocked out by a stroke or brain damage, notes Franziska Martin, PhD, a biologist at the Free University in Berlin.
Such apparent disadvantages to side preferences, notwithstanding, new research on elephants by Martin suggests there are also some benefits. She finds that limiting precise movements to one side of the body--and subsequently one-half of the brain--may lead to better muscular control, leaving the ambidextrous with less dexterity than animals who specialize.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yeah Phil

Phil wins the British open

After last month's lost to a Brit in the US Open Phil takes the Open Championship after winning the Scottish Open last week. It was a tough loss and now a great win.



Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cheerfully left

I am trying to do a little more exercise and increase the distance that I walk on the bike trails. The trails are being used heavily which is good.  Many running clubs have sprung up to help people train for marathons. They try and make it a positive experience for all in the group.  It looks like a great way to train as everyone wants the best for everyone else. Most of the runners are very friendly saying hello cheerfully.  I have been working on initiating a smile with my left eye/face and trying to connect with the runners left eye as I say hello.

I seem to be a little better on being able to express emotion with left eye /face than before.  I believe the right eye/face was always my normal way in connecting with someone else.   I still have a lack of coordination/intelligence in my use of musculature in the left eye/face.  I can read the cheerfulness in other peoples left eye//face fairly well but it is still weird to me that it has been a blind spot my whole life. There is a difference in the feeling of saying hello with the left side.  I believe the association of the left eye is related to the use of my left tongue. The inability to use my the musculature of the left eye/face/tongue is reflected throughout my body. I have a strong suspicion that it is the origin of the dominance of the right side in comparison to the left.  Almost like the conscious control never had a chance on the left side of myself to develop parity to the right side by how I related to others.

Harm 2

Working in a hospital I would on the rare occasion run into a family member who gave me the feeling that they were drowning. The implication was from the staff that the problem was either of the patients doing or the family.  I felt there was a different dynamic than the usual sorrow, grief, anger and overwelmededness. The sense they did not know where to turn because what they were saying was not believed. The interventions instead of helping often made the problems worse. Most of the time the hospital gets it right and by far the vast majority tries to do the best even if misguided but once started on the wrong path it is hard to correct.

Harm 1 Link may not be working



From my wife's yearly letter from her endo
'She had classic lupus with rash..as well as probable lupus cerebritus...In retrospect I think her lymphocytic hypohysitis is part of this autoimmunity' 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Head to port and crabbing to starboard

My left tongue seems to continue to develop some more form.  Yesterday I had a increased sense that the hydrostatic nature of the tongue is important in being able to get my left tongue to move. My movements of my left tongue are still very tiny and spastic in comparison of what I can do normally in what I believe is in the right tongue dominated mode. There seems to be some spontaneous speech using the left tongue in which I am not trying to use it so much as it is used. However I am usually playing with it to some degree so it may be just that I was not paying attention to which tongue I was playing with at the time. In the left tongue mode there is an immediate sense of using my head and spine in a different way from my normal use. There is a hint of vulnerability as I am not getting everything correct. The musculature that connects to my left cervical spinal lateral processes feels somewhat confused in what to do. I think I am usually pulling back on the left so the right eye/side of face is more in the dominant forward position.

When I piloted a seagoing hopper dredge in a past lifetime I often had to point the bow ten to 15 degrees over to one side as the ship crabbed sideways down the channel to adjust for the current. It was important to not set down on the pipes that were on the bottom of the channel as the body of the ship could get over the draghead and damage the pipe. The ship would travel at only 1-2 knots while dredging. With a strong current that did not come straight down the channel on occasion I would have the opposite buoy on the wrong side of the ship's heading as I crabbed past it. It was usually a tricky situation with constant small adjustments to speed and heading compared to be able to dredge straight down the channel.  Playing with the left tongue feels like I am pointing my head directly ahead instead of slightly to port. Hopefully I will be able to head down my channel without crabbing to starboard (bow headed somewhat to port) as much as I often do.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Left me fix it for you

In walking during stance phase I stabilize on one leg so that the other leg can move through swing phase. It is not that all of the muscle groups in stance are fully contracted but if some are not fixed the gait is impaired. One muscle group is the hip abductors. If one side abductors do not contract one gets a fall of the pelvis on the opposing side.  Trendelenburg gait pattern.

During the stance phase, the weakened abductor muscles allow the pelvis to tilt down on the opposite side. To compensate, the trunk lurches to the weakened side to attempt to maintain a level pelvis throughout the gait cycle. 

In order to be able to clear the leg during swing on the strong side excessive movement has to be made to the weakened side in the trendelenburg gait.  During normal gait  I fix one set of hip abductors so the other leg can move.

If I am kicking a soccer ball ball I do not usuallly pay attention to the stance leg fixed muscualture but I am focused on the contact with the swing foot.  I position my body to get the best contact with the foot hitting the ball.  I feel something similar is going on in my tongues. I fix my left tongue/jaw/throat so my right tongue/etc has a better chance of sounding right. In order for me to talk my left tongue/etc knows it's job is to contract and to put the right in a better position. My left tongue plays a more subordinate fixed role for my right tongue.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Neoleftistic tongue


In psychiatry, the term neologism is used to describe the use of words that have meaning only to the person who uses them, independent of their common meaning.[7] This tendency is considered normal in children, but in adults can be a symptom of psychopathy[8] or a thought disorder (indicative of a psychotic mental illness, such as schizophrenia).[9] People with autism also may create neologisms.[10] Additionally, use of neologisms may be related to aphasia acquired after brain damage resulting from a stroke or head injury

Why have I perceived I only have one tongue my whole life?  I think it is because that I use it as one tongue instead of two tongues co joined. The dominant right side became the proxy for the movement with the left adopting a subordinate passive role. If I think of my tongue as two hands clasped (as it must be as it is innervated that way) I can begin to ask the question, "am I moving the left tongue independent of the right?" My habitual is that I do not.

The bit between our teeth

Why would I develop the right side as the dominant tongue? Is it because I have to use the musculature of the right tongue in the dynamic patterns of speech? I can write with my left hand badly. I never attempt it because there is no need too. I write better with my right. It's a pain in the ass to write with the left hand. Can I speak with my left tongue badly? Before I can speak with it I have to differentiate it as my left tongue. Then I have to learn use my left tongue in a new way.

Is it a matter of consequence? Perhaps only to the twisted.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Habitually right

I am getting a strong sense that the use of my left tongue and my left eye are linked somehow. I do not understand the reason. However my left tongue feels like it depends on movement all the way down my left throat. As I try to get the left tongue to cross the midline my left throat and my left eye get involved. I can understand the muscles in the left throat region being involved but the left eye does not have the same physical connections. I am assuming it is more a habitual linking but that reasoning seems weak because I never knew I had a left tongue to move as far as my memory goes back. However the whole left side of my face can get involved with trying to move the left tongue as well. It points to a use of my left side that is foreign to the way I normally use it. That it can be equal to the right but is underdeveloped. I doubt that with my current age, intellect and habits that I can ever achieve a near parity, maybe some more symmetry at best. However it makes me doubt the idea of being "right handed". It feels more to be an adaptation of habits in response to the world.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chaplin's Smile

I do not express or receive communication on the left side of my face the way I do the right. I think the right side initiates the movement and the left tries somewhat to reflect what the right is doing. When I try to smile my awareness is right side dominated and the left passive and not as complete in the movement. It is the lack of awareness and perception of the left that seems to be reflected in the way I use my left side of the rest of my body. I think it starts with the communication aspect and is reflected by the decreased functional use on the left along with the right side dominance.

Next time my left lower back hurts I will work on my left sided smile. Tongues firmly planted in cheeks.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wingnut jackass flying in stormy weather

I cannot manipulate the left tongue as I do the right. Looking for reasons. Highest probability is that I am a wingnut jackass who is wrong about most things including my tongue. However I do feel I am getting some movement and believe I can use the left tongue in speech. The musculature of the left throat, tongue, face and jaw are moving in different patterns which they never did before.

Don't know why? I may need to take a Holiday from it.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Buy tongues

I have grown up with the view that I was right handed. It now appears to me that it is a false view. I could have been left handed also but the way I interacted with feedback from society led to my right handedness. I think I am not right handed as much as right tongued.

It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks because of the multitude of habitual responses. However  I believe  that I could become 'left tongued or at least bi-tongued if I keep at it. The feel of the left tongue gets stronger and stronger easier to access and I  perceive that I can use it in speech at will..

Still cannot move it across the midline without switching back to my normal right tongue mode. I have a sense it plays in with the dominant eye thingy. The difficulty may lie in the right giving up the position of dominance as much as the left acquiring it.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Seek and I shall find a headache

I had another splitting headache last night that I attributed to my play with the tongues. I have fifty years plus of moving the musculature one way with things in my head and now I am trying to do it in a different way. I believe there are many fascial structures throughout the skull that have been built up to support the habitual use of the muscular patterns in a right side dominated way.  I am now asking the left side to gain some independence and it is often not the most pleasant feeling in the world. Of course there could be other reasons for the headaches and there is a very probable chance I am wrong.

I can feel the left side musculature under the chin, throat, tongue, jaw and face in a way I never have. It feels like it is moving though mush with pulls on structures away from the point of movement. In a positive sense it is giving me a much different equal sense in the use of my spine. It feels like I have a more symmetrical sense of both sides instead of one back twisted in it's function.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wearing out my left shoe

Just ate some toast. No problem using my tongue in my normal way. I can move the bolus around just like everyone else does. So I must have being using the musculature of the left side of the tongue my whole life. I don't know why there would be this discrepancy now in the feel of control when food is not present. It is more than that.  It is like the left side does not exist in terms of movement control in my understanding of the tongue. In a way similar to the way I see other peoples faces. The left side of their face is there but I don't see it unless I look for it but with the left tongue it had to be found.

The control of the left tongue immediately gives me as different sense in the feel of my spine. It becomes accessible for me on the left which is not my usual.  Almost if I did not develop a higher conscious control of my left side.  My right dominating so much that my movement picture is distorted. I not only go through life only seeing the right side of others but moving as though I have one side that tries to be in control of both. I have trouble maintaining a beat with my left hand, could not go to the left in basketball, but did have a decent left foot in soccer. I walk with a distinct inward rotation of my left hip with an excessive pronation of the ankle. I tend to go through shoes quickly with the left medial side breaking down often. I have worked on trying to correct it from both the ankle and hip perspective but it feels bigger than both. I doubt playing with the left tongue will correct it either but it points to a more systemic use of the left right relationship within myself.

I am making the assumption that many people do not have as large a left/right as discrepancy as me. That they could actually see the both sides of someone else's face and have developed a better use of their left side and may have a left tongue without looking for it. I could never curl my tongue (still can not). However I feel I am well in the range of normal in a right side dominated world. I am wondering if  the number of shoes I wear out if is more the factor of higher control of the left and not a matter of muscle imbalances in the hip and ankle.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Playing in way out right field

I do not feel I manipulate the shape of the left tongue as I do the right in speech. I think I maneuver the tongue as a whole based on the right in a positive sense (where it is) the left in a negative sense (will it get hurt there). When I am in left tongue mode I have very little sense of the right's position. Lingual experts are aware of Left Right asymmetries in the use of the tongue but seem to view the tongue as one tongue with two sides instead of two tongues co-joined. What I am saying does not make sense conventionally. I do not know what others are doing inside their mouths. I am making many unsupported assertions based on the discrepancies I feel in my left tongue/throat/face and right tongue/throat/face muscular use. There are times in playing with the left tongue the movements are very strong powerful and very strangely unfamiliar.

Left right asymmetry in use of the tongue

Lingual asymmetry is common in static postures (cf., Story et al., 1996, Stone and 
Lundberg, 1996) and in movements (Stone, 1990). LR asymmetry in tongue movement is 
especially apparent in repetitive tasks such as syllable repetition. Two reasons for LR asymmetry 
are biomechanical imprecision and purposeful rotation. We believe both effects occurred here as a result of rapid repetitive motion and coarticulatory accommodation. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Tasting the sweetness of the sun

Even though I think I developed the right tongue to the exclusion of the left I do not think that has to be the case for everyone. Like plants growing towards the sun things are tendencies more than absolutes.

buy caramel

Did I ever see the left side of others faces? I do not think I ever did. Does that mean everyone else does the same? No I do not think so but I do not think I am alone either. Seeing the left side of other peoples faces affects the posture of how I use my head. There is a subtle shift where my head is oriented too.

I see your right

70% of right handed patients show preference in viewing emotion expressed on the right side of the face (in the left field of view) according to studies using chimeric faces produced using right-right or left-left mirrored faces.[9] 

I think I developed my right side almost to the exclusion of the left.  It has been an eye opener for me to differentiate the left and right side of other people's faces.  I do not know anyone talking about a left tongue

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tongues remains the same

I am still stuck on trying to get the left tongue to cross the midline. Watched a little kid at dinner last night. He was moving the tongue rapidly from side to side. Playing and learning while eating, crying and being a one year old plus or so.

The problem I feel I have is that I switch back to the normal right tongue mode with any slight sensory input, so even if I am moving my tongue where I want I am not moving it how I want. I don't know if the problem is a lack of control by the left or too much dominance by the right or I am barking madly up the wrong tree.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Head change

At times today I had a very strong feeling that in my left tongue mode I had a completely different use of my head as I turned it form side to side. It is hard to explain but there was an equality between the left and right side musculature running down the posterior spine and under my chin of all places. There is a feeling of a positive tension throughout but the balance of the head seems to recruit both sides instead of tension on the left with the right more free. It feels a little more difficult to use the left tongue but also more defined.

Out of Left Field?

How can you write with both hands in different languages?

President Garfield
  • Garfield taught himself to write with both hands. He also knew Latin and Greek. He sometimes would show off and write with both hands at the same time, each in a different language!

Do you need to be a leftie to be a president?

In middle school I was taught that in order to be president of the United States, you had to be native-born and at least 35 years of age. My teachers left out the requirement that you be left handed. While not formally a requirement, lately being a lefty has been pretty helpful for becoming president: five of the last seven presidents have been left handed.

But which tongue are they using?

The same chap that identified a region of the brain specialized for language Paul Broca (Paul Broca) also suggested that a person's handedness was opposite from the specialized hemisphere (so a right-handed person probably has a left-hemispheric language specialization). But the kick is: this is not a mirror correlation (that is, a majority of left-handers also seem to have a left-hemispheric brain specialization for language abilities). Tricky business, eh? For over 150 years, many researchers have been trying to figure out this robust-but-imperfect correlation between handedness and brain lateralization. We are still trying.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Nice edition of Nat King Cole singing about da Vinci's Mona Lisa.  Leonardo often wrote in script with his left hand right to left (mirror writing). I have tried it and it is surprisingly easy and more natural to write this way with the left hand. My sense is that it may be the natural direction for the right cerebral hemisphere is to track and anticipate to the left. When I try to see Nat king Cole's eye with my left eye only even though his face is lit on his left my tendency is not to go there. In order for my left eye to track his left eye it has to relax and cross my midline.  In writing and reading right to left I first need to relax the left side so that I can extend over to the right and then expresses or read in a graduated way to the left. This inhibition or initial relaxation allows the lengthening of the left side musculature. Inhibition is a vital cognitive element in movement. To coordinate movement is both and active and inhibitory process.

Mirror writing in children with “mental retardation”, learning disabilities or dyslexia Over a century ago it was observed that “imbeciles” and children with learning disabilities often mirror wrote, and many of these children were left handed.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I am that which I perceive you are

I am you

"There is no difference between you and me. He is speaking and He is listening, and that is maya. If you understand this maya, you will understand this whole truth. He is speaking to me. He is listening to you, because He is the giver of the breath. He gives me breath to speak and He gives you breath to listen. If you understand this secret, you understand everything.” Yogi Bhajan from The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, p. 156, #616"

I do not understand secret above but I believe I am right tongued because my parents are right tongued. I think that their communication with me through their right eye to the my right eye increased the tendency to develop my speech centers in my left cerebral hemisphere. Does our society as a whole passes on and reinforces this tendency?  Are we right because of what we see in others?

Left sided fear

monkey's uncle

I think my left side is a lot like the monkey that runs away in the clip above. Never having the feeling that it was wanted and loved it remains guarded and undifferentiated in it's movements.  The left eye of others somehow unseen throughout my life. I knew it was there but I did not look at it for visual input in communication. My right eye made the connection with my parents right eye. By learning to cross my midline it became the dominant eye. That small movement and connection I believe set up my right side dominance of my tongues. My left tongue taking a passive subordinate role giving me the sense I just have one tongue. Body parts distal to my midline could learn to be differentiated from left and right while the more proximal parts remained undifferentiated.

I have a left hand and a right hand. I have a left tongue and a right tongue. I cannot use the musculature of the left tongue that is comparable to my right tongue even though I never had any problems talking, swallowing, or breathing. I am beginning to be able to sense my left tongue as independent as my left hand is from my right. I can also make eye contact with my left eye to another person's left eye which does not seem remarkable but remains remarkable in the sense that it is something new after reaching my half century mark. I believe I learned to be right handed but could as well have learned to be left handed. I do not know if I will ever completely extinguish the habitual fear that I have in my life.