Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wearing out my left shoe

Just ate some toast. No problem using my tongue in my normal way. I can move the bolus around just like everyone else does. So I must have being using the musculature of the left side of the tongue my whole life. I don't know why there would be this discrepancy now in the feel of control when food is not present. It is more than that.  It is like the left side does not exist in terms of movement control in my understanding of the tongue. In a way similar to the way I see other peoples faces. The left side of their face is there but I don't see it unless I look for it but with the left tongue it had to be found.

The control of the left tongue immediately gives me as different sense in the feel of my spine. It becomes accessible for me on the left which is not my usual.  Almost if I did not develop a higher conscious control of my left side.  My right dominating so much that my movement picture is distorted. I not only go through life only seeing the right side of others but moving as though I have one side that tries to be in control of both. I have trouble maintaining a beat with my left hand, could not go to the left in basketball, but did have a decent left foot in soccer. I walk with a distinct inward rotation of my left hip with an excessive pronation of the ankle. I tend to go through shoes quickly with the left medial side breaking down often. I have worked on trying to correct it from both the ankle and hip perspective but it feels bigger than both. I doubt playing with the left tongue will correct it either but it points to a more systemic use of the left right relationship within myself.

I am making the assumption that many people do not have as large a left/right as discrepancy as me. That they could actually see the both sides of someone else's face and have developed a better use of their left side and may have a left tongue without looking for it. I could never curl my tongue (still can not). However I feel I am well in the range of normal in a right side dominated world. I am wondering if  the number of shoes I wear out if is more the factor of higher control of the left and not a matter of muscle imbalances in the hip and ankle.

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