Thursday, March 2, 2017

See him roar

Been watching Lionel lately. I share some of his political views and differ on some, but from the left tongue perspective there is a great deal of movement on his right side (my left visual field) of his face that is more prominent than the left side. However he does use both sides expressively.  Keeping the video on pause and using the arrow to jump on the timeline there are significant differences. I believe my instinctive way to see his face is to really see only the right side and relate to it with my dominant right side.

Lionel expressions

It's a fun face to watch no matter, but he needs a better set

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


"Homunculus arguments are always fallacious unless some way can be found to 'ground' the regress."

On occasion one will run into this argument in the blogosphere to put down a point of view in a condescending way. "Of course you know there is no little man inside of you watching your actions"

I can evaluate by memory my actions of what I did yesterday, also an hour ago. I also can do it for a minute ago and possibly a half second ago. If I am engaged in conversation and I see an eyebrow raised, my memories of that action are pulled into what I am currently saying.  So there is no little man watching inside of me but in a way but I am constantly evaluating and remembering almost in real time.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Continued doubt

I have not posted in a long time. I did not feel I had anything more to add. As before I keep getting more movement in the left side of my head that I never felt before. Most of the movements are painful to some degree. I am getting more sense of movement in what feels to be my left lower sinus. However I still don't have a left tongue that I can manipulate in any sense of the word as in comparison to my usual sense of the older tongue. Until I can I will always have doubt my understanding is correct.

late edit

Just in the last two days I have had a great deal of pain and tightness. If there is a 'left tongue' it is tied to a much bigger use of the head and throat use in a global way that is very unfamiliar.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Get Lost

Recently visited the Lost Coast Brewery  with my wife and went on the tour. The hostess did a great job and in the tasting room we both took home a tasting glass with inscription on one side that said "Get Lost".

Can I see reality?

So imagine you have two kinds of creatures living in an environment. The first is tuned to respond directly to objective reality — the actual independent reality out there. The other creature has behavior only tuned to its, and the environment's, fitness function. The second creature couldn't care less about what's really going on in reality. What Hoffman's theorem says is the fitness-tuned critter will — almost always — win the evolution game.

Only if I am lost? Hopefully it's just a rhetorical question.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Stabilization versus movement complexity

If I am correct that I see the 'persona' in the right half of someone else's face and that is what I posturally adjust too, is there a blocking of movements on the left side of my face? As mentioned in the previous post I am feeling strong sensations (small in size, spastic, but forceful) in areas where I am surprised to feel anything but skull bones. In my movement picture of myself these areas are not suppose to move. Going back to the Feldenkrais idea of how we try to limit the complexity of a movement by stabilizing one region to allow a different region to gain more control feels like what I am finding in my head movements. By focusing on the right half of someone else face (presumably as they focused on my right side) movements on my left half were stabilized to facilitate the complex movements on on the right side.

Even though I am trying to facilitate movements in the left side they often feel unpleasant, not right, and much more involved than what I am attempting.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Deciphering the bones

A couple of weeks ago I was in a mall and I noticed a man coming towards us in a 'hemi' wheelchair propelling with the left foot only while holding a phone in the left hand. The right hand was in his lap and the the right foot was on the foot rest.  (Typical of right hemiplegia and left CVA). As he came toward me I was interested in seeing if he acknowledged me with the left side of face and how I would react. His smile was definitely left sided but more interesting was my reaction. Even though I was trying to connect to his left side with my left side, mid stream I switched to my usual and tried to connect with his right side. I realized it and had to try and re-establish the left side contact which took a good deal of mental effort and a second or two.  It felt like the habit of seeing the 'persona' in the right side of someone's face took over and I had to verify what I was seeing on the left. However the right side of his face was very stroke impaired. So I was left hanging in no man's land for short period of time and I assume the man in the wheelchair got a mix message from me.

A side issue which seems to be happening as I am trying to work with my left tongue (which still is remarkably undefined in movement) is that it almost feels like I am moving the bones of my face mainly on the left but some on the right. Areas in which I seem to expect no movement are being pulled very forcibly. Again even though the movements are very small the amount of force seems to be quite large and the areas activated are often quite distant from the focus of the 'left tongue'

Monday, July 4, 2016

Coordinated mimimicking

It's becoming more apparent that elements of the left side (head, face, throat and tongue) are not used in isolation but rather in coordination with other elements on the left side in left sided initiation and control. I thought I would be able to isolate elements of the left side and gain control but it feels much bigger. It is interesting to find elements of the left side in coordinated action when I am trying to only gain some further control of one element.

A similar process is in my ability the persona in the left side of someone's head. In my normal viewing of someone I see the persona as right sided and I mimic that side without thought in my normal attempt to read the persona. Most often the left side of others has less to read and mimic but still has a great deal for me to see and reflect in myself. So when I react to the left side the whole of my left side has to react in a coordinated way to mimic what is seen.