Saturday, October 21, 2017

Puppy dogs eyes

Saw this 'gut wrenching' picture  in one of my web journeys.  I immediately noticed the difference in the eye positions and then put in on my back brain burner. Since seeing the picture I was trying to determine in my mind why the puppy appeared sad. I'm not sure of why but the difference in the position of the eyes reminds me of 'chimeric' image here.  My blog post on the subject.

The right eye is not making contact and looking away and to the right.  The left eye does not seem as sad but there appear to be tear drops streaks on coming from the corner of the left eye. However if I ignore the tears I get a sense that the left eye is still reading the viewer.  Maybe in anticipation of getting a treat or other reward. The immediate sense of my mine in seeing the picture is how can I do something to cheer this fellow up. If I switch the puppies eyes in my mind I don't nearly get the same emotion.

PS Still getting gradual and more control of the left side of my head that feels more left initiated but it still remains incomplete and spastic.

Additional relink on horses

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The powerful right

Just read an interesting article on power.
If combined with pseudo-neglect and I pay attention to the left space (the right side of head of others) and they do the same we are communicating with each others right side.

When we watch someone perform an action, the part of the brain we would use to do that same thing lights up in sympathetic response.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Seeing the Lost Eye

Heading up to Eureka and planning on stopping by The Lost Coast Brewery again. I was looking at their artwork and noticed the large discrepancy of size between the left and right eyes. In most of the designs the right eye is much larger than the left. I believe it reflects accurately how I see someone. Most of my attention is normally directed (almost said drawn) to the right eye (their right) with the left eye seen but not really noticed.

On a personal note my left side of head is becoming more differentiated with the muscular elements being used in coordination with each other. I still do not have a defined left tongue and I have poor almost spastic control but it is definitely a different way of using my head than my normal right side dominant muscular behavior.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

See him roar

Been watching Lionel lately. I share some of his political views and differ on some, but from the left tongue perspective there is a great deal of movement on his right side (my left visual field) of his face that is more prominent than the left side. However he does use both sides expressively.  Keeping the video on pause and using the arrow to jump on the timeline there are significant differences. I believe my instinctive way to see his face is to really see only the right side and relate to it with my dominant right side.

Lionel expressions

It's a fun face to watch no matter, but he needs a better set

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


"Homunculus arguments are always fallacious unless some way can be found to 'ground' the regress."

On occasion one will run into this argument in the blogosphere to put down a point of view in a condescending way. "Of course you know there is no little man inside of you watching your actions"

I can evaluate by memory my actions of what I did yesterday, also an hour ago. I also can do it for a minute ago and possibly a half second ago. If I am engaged in conversation and I see an eyebrow raised, my memories of that action are pulled into what I am currently saying.  So there is no little man watching inside of me but in a way but I am constantly evaluating and remembering almost in real time.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Continued doubt

I have not posted in a long time. I did not feel I had anything more to add. As before I keep getting more movement in the left side of my head that I never felt before. Most of the movements are painful to some degree. I am getting more sense of movement in what feels to be my left lower sinus. However I still don't have a left tongue that I can manipulate in any sense of the word as in comparison to my usual sense of the older tongue. Until I can I will always have doubt my understanding is correct.

late edit

Just in the last two days I have had a great deal of pain and tightness. If there is a 'left tongue' it is tied to a much bigger use of the head and throat use in a global way that is very unfamiliar.