Friday, November 29, 2013

Postural shift

In order for me to connect left eye to left eye and see the persona manifested in the other person on the left there is a subtle postural shift that seems to happen. Instead of my usual left side slightly pulled back and contracted to allow the right side of my head, face, eye, tongue and trunk more freedom the opposite is beginning to show. It feels to originate in my left eye position.  In trying to establish the left eye connection as people are coming down the path at me I often cannot imagine the persona existing on the left side of their head. It feels like I almost switch a lens and once I see/recognize a persona a spontaneous smile can break out on the left side of my face. It seems that the recognition of a personality allows the relaxation. When I check my posture at that time I get the feeling that my left side is put in the slight position of advantage (greater freedom of movement) and the right side more contracted (greater stabilization platform).


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tjeerd Andringa, Associate Professor in Auditory Cognition Interview with James Corbett

Tjeerd Andringa, Associate Professor in Auditory Cognition Interview

Authority and Agency as concepts

Left and right brain hemisphere debate from a geopolitical perspective. It ties in to my thinking but I am not willing to make the jump to geopolitics yet. I do agree with many of the issues discussed. I am mainly focused on getting my left tongue to cross the midline as easily as my right tongue which I feel links in how I perceive others.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Initiating communication with the left side of my head

I am trying to initiate communication with the left side of my head as I talk. The usual way my left side seems to operate is in a passive subordinate way to the right side of my head. It feels like there is some action on the facial muscles on the left but initiated and more pronounced on the right. I can make the facial expressions start on the left but it appears to fatigue easily and it is like I am trying push the musculature through mush. When I try to initiate communication with the left side of my head (tongue,face and eye) I can do it poorly but the right side is held in a almost flaccid position. It suggests a couple of things to me. In normal right sided speech my left side has learned a little but is largely subordinate. In the left sided speech the only way I can do it is for the right side to give up it's dominant pattern at this point.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tight jaw mussels

I am getting the feeling that I do not know how to operate my jaw. I have always had a borderline TMJ problem. My jaw has often locked, popped and with some minor bouts of pain on the left. It feels like when I try to operate my jaw (open my mouth) I do it from the right side perspective. The left side is operated poorly. Almost like it does not really understand how to open.

I am just starting to get a different perspective where I include an active engagement and relaxation of the left as I open it. Watching Sinead sing Sweet Molly Malone I am focusing on the left side of her face. Often when she sings the words 'alive alive o' she emphasizes the tongue movement. Trying to get my left tongue to follow her movements seems be influencing how I am perceiving to open my jaw on the left. There is a relaxation of the 'mussels' on the left side that I appear to carry unnecessarily tight.  They lay outside of my usual movement awareness picture.

Most people do not have TMJ so it seems reasonable if I am correct that most people do not have my problem. They include in their image of how to open their jaws a more 'normal' bilateral action

After playing with my left tongue sometimes there is a moderate amount of discomfort which can last for awhile. Ibuprofen often helps

Friday, November 22, 2013



If I tried to squinch I think more people would feel that I had to go to the bathroom than any deep sultry emotion. Some of the results in the photos are impressive. It is amazing what I read in others eyes. It is subjective and I make it a point to look at the left eye first so I am unclear of how I would see the pictures normally. What I think I would have done is mainly focus on the right eye and the left eye kept somewhat on my periphery. Seen but unfocused on.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Danny & Molly

Been watching Sinnead O Connor sing in Danny Boy & Molly Malone. I have been focusing on the area of the lips/tongue/cheek on the left and trying to have my left lips/tongue/cheek initiate the movement. If I try to initiate the movement on my left side it is not the same as how I usually pronounce words. In fact I do not know how but it is interesting to watch my attempts. There is an almost reflective contraction in my musculature on the left as I watch her. (I watch with my right eye closed)

It again suggests to me the discrepancy of left and right is not completely innate but more learned behavior.

Danny boy

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I am getting better at seeing a persona on the left side of a person. It feels like my usual is to anticipate the persona I relate too is right sided. They may be left handed/sided but there is a postural adjustment as if they are right handed/sided. If I anticipate a persona as being left handed /sided there is a postural shift within myself. I never could feel any of this until recently. It happened below my level of awareness.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The evil left eye

Often I try to see a newscaster's on TV left eye with my left eye. It is not as easy as it sounds for me as often I look at forehead first then below the eye next then by the nose and finally the eye. I am trying to get to the eye but it is almost as if I do not want to see it. There is something scary to me about the left eye to left eye connection..

A couple of clips. the first is from the movie The Natural at the 29 second mark Darren McGavin's character uses his left eye to see the future/present in a supernatural way.

Gus Sand the gambler's left eye

In the Harry Potter series Mad Moody's eye is not as scary because of it's over artificiality but still I am reluctant to make the connection especially with my left eye.

Mad Moody's left eye

Playing with my left eye in a way where I try to connect with another's left eye and then including my left tongue I get a stronger feel that I can use the left side of my head in a non-subordinated way to my right side. It is not my normal use of my head.

Darren McGavin head crop

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Left nostril smells bull

Nick Brown smelled bull

I still cannot control my left tongue which always makes me wonder if I am bullshitting myself. I feel like I can talk and sing with it. It changes the dynamics of how I use my head musculature in a way I never felt before becoming aware of it.  I am seeing the left eye and face of people when I talk to them while using my left eye to make the connection and see on occasion a persona on the left. It is very easy for me to see a persona on the right side of others that I can read and relate to but on the left I almost have to imagine a persona before I can see it. There are many time I just see the left eye devoid of a personality. I am not clear whether I don't see a persona or many have a deficit of their own on the left.

Maybe I should just work on my sense of smell with my left nostril.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mirror twins

Mirror twins

Played golf  with a guy who has a mirror identical twin. I never heard of it before but it is fairly common. It would seem to tend to indicate a different cause of handedness than I am suggesting. His features are a mirror to his brother. From the link

  • 20% of all identical twin pairs have one right handed twin and one left handed.

Worth a read but different idea

Friday, November 1, 2013

Old friends I never met

I have had recently two one occasions where I have run into people after my connecting with my left eye to their left eye have thought I was someone else. They have started talking to me as if we were old friends. On the first occasion there seem to be a need to correct the person that she did not know me. She stared in surprise at me for a minute then realized she was mistaken. Another gentleman also started a conversation as we were old friends.  There seem to be no immediate cause  to interrupt and in a way it felt rude of me to correct his misperception.  I let the conversation go on longer than it should but it was very friendly so hopefully no major faux pas was committed.

I think in both cases they were other factors than the left eye connection in their misidentification but my sense is it that it helped seal the deal.