Friday, November 29, 2013

Postural shift

In order for me to connect left eye to left eye and see the persona manifested in the other person on the left there is a subtle postural shift that seems to happen. Instead of my usual left side slightly pulled back and contracted to allow the right side of my head, face, eye, tongue and trunk more freedom the opposite is beginning to show. It feels to originate in my left eye position.  In trying to establish the left eye connection as people are coming down the path at me I often cannot imagine the persona existing on the left side of their head. It feels like I almost switch a lens and once I see/recognize a persona a spontaneous smile can break out on the left side of my face. It seems that the recognition of a personality allows the relaxation. When I check my posture at that time I get the feeling that my left side is put in the slight position of advantage (greater freedom of movement) and the right side more contracted (greater stabilization platform).


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