Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thumbprints on the brain

The results revealed discernable differences between touchscreen smartphone users and people with conventional cellphones.
Smartphone users had bigger EEG brain activity measurements in response to mechanical touch on the thumb, index and middle fingers.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vodka, grapefruit and talking heads

Many drinking establishments have multiple TV screens assigned to various sporting events. Usually most with the sound off as not to compete with the one set with sound.  Watching the talking heads focusing on the left side of their head seems to be strangely productive in helping my left side tongue/sublingual region/throat/face to develop. I would have expected that hearing the sound would be better for me as I would translate the word and the facial expressions together. That process still may be valid but watching the TV with the sound off seems to prompt the occasional word to pop up in my head 'hey that is what he/she said'.  It happens on a level that is superior to my intellect. I don't puzzle it out it just happens.  Later (often the next day) there seems to be more sense of my left side structures and musculature. I don't know if the process will continue to develop but those greyhounds don't drink themselves.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Draw back a bloody stump

Mr . Cheney

My Dad ,who loved us dearly, had an explosive temper. If we reached across the table instead of asking to pass the food he would say "Touch it and draw back a bloody stump." He was usually joking to some degree but his voice pitch would change when he said it so it was a great relief if I saw he had a smile behind it.  (but it would have been dangerous to provoke him at that point.)

I have heard Mr. Cheney speak throughout the years and at times he makes a great deal of sense to me.  I find him to be very rational and politics aside very convincing. I don't think I have ever really seen the left side of his face however. It would have stayed on the periphery of my consciousness at best.  In the picture linked there is a sense of anger portrayed by the jaw line on the right.  I think I would have seen and related to and understood the anger. However with the benefit of the internet I can study his left side of face while browsing through images. I try and separate the face into a left and right side in my study and while the right expresses anger in this pic, the left in this picture to me now expresses danger. "Stay away". I am not saying that the man cannot be warm, lovable, and funny. I am also not trying to make statement on his politics. It just might be better to go through life with two hands.

Robert Ornstein's Book THE ROOTS OF SELF

Just read a chapter in this book. Chapter 13 goes into the difference between left and right handedness quite extensively. It does not suggest anything like I am saying. It's one of those things when I read I say to myself. "Boy,my thinking is screwed up". However it is a good discussion on the differences between left and right handers.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Trunk reversal

I am getting and deliberately trying to develop a different use of my head. I am focusing usually on the sublingual musculature and tongue on the left but the area of cooperation is now including the left half of face and jaw. It is something I have never felt before and even though there is a sense of powerful cooperation it is also somewhat uncomfortable, slightly spastic and with very poor control.

If an elephant after much pondering on his use of his trunk decided to try to switch his use to the opposite of what he was always doing I imagine he would feel something similar.  I identified with the way I normally use my head and face so much that I couldn't imagine doing anything different until recently. I became the right sided use and it was how I perceived other people in communication.

Friday, December 5, 2014

More presidents earn less?

lefties earn less

Lefties exhibit economically and statistically significant human capital deficits relative to righties, even conditional on infant health and family background,” Goodman writes. “Lefties work in more manually intensive occupations than do righties, further suggesting that their primary labor market disadvantage is cognitive rather than physical.”

On the other hand

Monday, December 1, 2014

Taylor's eyes

Taylor Swift is on the cover of Time magazine. I happen to see it a my local coffee shop. She is a beautiful girl and there is a great deal of symmetry in her features. If I make believe I am communicating to her I tend to focus on her right eye. If I try to see both eyes at the same time it is possible but it is not what I usually do. When I try to connect with her I tend to focus in one place usually centered on her eye but traveling over points of interest. When I imagine communicating to the Taylor in the picture her left eye somehow disappears from my view. I see only the right half of her face and that's where in my mind I put 'Taylor'. If I switch to her left eye I have to spend time before I can see 'Taylor' with the right side fading from view. Switching back and forth between both sides of her face even though she is remarkably symmetrical the differences appear. The right side seems more the 'communicative side' with left more the quiet. I can imagine both sides as Taylor but the left side seems to transmit less information.

Taylor time

slightly strange but nice gif