Monday, December 1, 2014

Taylor's eyes

Taylor Swift is on the cover of Time magazine. I happen to see it a my local coffee shop. She is a beautiful girl and there is a great deal of symmetry in her features. If I make believe I am communicating to her I tend to focus on her right eye. If I try to see both eyes at the same time it is possible but it is not what I usually do. When I try to connect with her I tend to focus in one place usually centered on her eye but traveling over points of interest. When I imagine communicating to the Taylor in the picture her left eye somehow disappears from my view. I see only the right half of her face and that's where in my mind I put 'Taylor'. If I switch to her left eye I have to spend time before I can see 'Taylor' with the right side fading from view. Switching back and forth between both sides of her face even though she is remarkably symmetrical the differences appear. The right side seems more the 'communicative side' with left more the quiet. I can imagine both sides as Taylor but the left side seems to transmit less information.

Taylor time

slightly strange but nice gif

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