Sunday, July 16, 2017

The powerful right

Just read an interesting article on power.
If combined with pseudo-neglect and I pay attention to the left space (the right side of head of others) and they do the same we are communicating with each others right side.

When we watch someone perform an action, the part of the brain we would use to do that same thing lights up in sympathetic response.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Seeing the Lost Eye

Heading up to Eureka and planning on stopping by The Lost Coast Brewery again. I was looking at their artwork and noticed the large discrepancy of size between the left and right eyes. In most of the designs the right eye is much larger than the left. I believe it reflects accurately how I see someone. Most of my attention is normally directed (almost said drawn) to the right eye (their right) with the left eye seen but not really noticed.

On a personal note my left side of head is becoming more differentiated with the muscular elements being used in coordination with each other. I still do not have a defined left tongue and I have poor almost spastic control but it is definitely a different way of using my head than my normal right side dominant muscular behavior.