Monday, March 16, 2015

Baby talk

Infants with a clear hand preference show advanced language ability as toddlers

The study suggests there may be an advantage to having consistent hand preference as an infant. Results showed children who had clear early hand preference performed better on  tests than those who did not develop handedness until toddlerhood. Those who were inconsistent in their hand use as infants, but developed a preference for the left or right hand as toddlers, had language scores in the typical range for their age.

Why do elephants have trunks?

Such apparent disadvantages to side preferences, notwithstanding, new research on elephants by Martin suggests there are also some benefits. She finds that limiting precise movements to one side of the body--and subsequently one-half of the brain--may lead to better muscular control, leaving the ambidextrous with less dexterity than animals who specialize.

Elephant drinking problem

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Structure versus perception

I am feeling sublingual musculature on my left influences the use of my face/head in a way that it becomes the dominant side while in use. It is hard to maintain for long but I can switch in/out of it more easily than before.  In my day to day communication I try at times to talk and communicate while in the left side dominant mode.  My usual is still to see the 'persona in the right side of someone I am communicating with but I can more often find the 'persona' in the left side with some effort and attention.  It suggests to me that any lateralization of my brain for communication was more a matter of perception than structure.