Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chicks get it

The left side of the space is the right side of the face in opposition

Humans and animals do not have perfectly symmetrical brains and some functions are also biased to one side or the other - for example, a process called "pseudoneglect" means we pay slightly more attention to objects in the left side of space than the right. This has been proposed as an explanation for why we often start counting a series of objects with the one on the far the left.

Chicks place low numbers on the left bbc article

Does reading left to right (normal) train the brain in a certain way? It is an arbitrary direction as other cultures write/read in different directions.  I do not know if trying it is going to accomplish anything but I am going to keep reading in the mirror for awhile yet

Reading right to left

Have not been playing with this lately.  When I try to sing the song 'Unforgetable' I often try and imagine the words in the mirror image running to the left but that's about it.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Left unknown

Gaining some control over the left sublingual musculature has given a me a 'left' I did not have previously in the movements of my head. I don't know what others experience so to make generalizations about what they see and feel in their heads does not seem correct. My sense now is that I had control of my head dominated by the right side perspective and now I have a small but different and incomplete use of some of the musculoskeletal components of my head and upper spine. It feels 'left' but spastic and poorly controlled. I believe I can switch in and out of it's use during speech and movement but what is hard for me to ascertain correctly is how much of my previous normal is contributing to the new mode of using the 'left' control. It may be far more than I can sense accurately.

I have been watching news programs with the sound off focusing on the left side and eye of the 'talking heads'. Also playing with trying to play with the control of the musculature that I can access on the left. I think they tie together in a way I do not understand fully.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Such Sulcus

The article below suggests that the lateralization of speech and communication is genetic in origin. I was thinking earlier in the day before seeing this article that the brain structures somehow had to mirror the function. I have no idea really what does what and how. I am unclear on what plasticity there is the brain. I can unequivocally say I did not differentiate the left and right sublingual musclature previously along with not 'seeing' the left side of others faces. I still see the persona represented in the right half of someone else face with my right eye being the lead dominant eye in normal day to day activities. There is a postural adjustment of the head and spine that goes along with the right eye dominant movement. When I make the deliberate effort to connect with my left eye to left eye in order to integrate the movement more fully, a switch feels to be needed with the deep postural musculature of my head and spine.

In the human brain, from early in development through to adulthood, the superior temporal sulcus is deeper in the right than the left cerebral hemisphere in the area ventral of Heschl’s gyrus. Irrespective of gender, handedness, and language lateralization, and present in several pathologies, this asymmetry is widely shared among the human population. Its appearance early in life suggests strong genetic control over this part of the brain. In contrast, the asymmetry is barely visible in chimpanzees. Thus this asymmetry probably is a key locus to look for variations in gene expression among the primate lineage that have favored the evolution of crucial cognitive abilities sustained by this sulcus in our species, namely communication and social cognition.

The depth asymmetry of superior temporal sulcus

Relinkage update

Time for some relinks

Differentiating the left right tongue head and jaw

Hyoid location

Hyolingual complexity

Rocks for my head

It's complicated

Empathy stage left

Why do elephants have trunks

Brain Lateralization




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