Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kitten's eye sewn shut stressfully

I worked in a treadmill exercise test stress role while I was assigned to cardiac rehab. I had to attach the leads and prep the sites first with alcohol and small plastic scrub pad. Dave Barry explains the procedure better. It was stressful for me to scrub the skin as it hurt the patient. I often got called out on not scrubbing hard enough by my boss if she got a poor EKG.  Who first thought of scrubbing someone's skin?  Almost like the leads on a car battery. "Hey we don't got a good connection here. Pass me that brillo pad."

I wonder who had to be the person who sewed the kittens eye shut in the study below. I don't think I could have done it.

Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology pg 671

The specific question asked by Hubel and Wiesel was whether restricting visual experience to one eye might alter the structure of ocular dominance columns. They discovered that, if one eye is sewn shut for a time early in life, the eye appears to be essentially blind of a period of weeks after opening, although its function does improve somewhat with time. 

Original Study

If I learned to relate right eye to right eye would I be essentially be blind to the left eye to left eye role in communication?

Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology page 678

The results described so far, particularly those of Rasmussen and Milner, show that speech has a strong affinity for the left hemisphere and will not abandon it unless an entire center is destroyed even then, it might shift only partly to the other hemisphere. This affinity is thought to be based on the special innate anatomical organization of the left hemsiphere

If I learned to communicate to my parents right side (left hemisphere) and that is the way they communicate to my right side would that be the reason for the affinity of my left hemisphere to language? I would imagine the feedback loop would continue after any injury I might get.

No I have not read the whole book. Just googled a specific query that led to this post.

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