Monday, June 3, 2013

Talking with my bro

My brother flew out yesterday and got a chance to see him.  He is in the area for business and stayed near  Union Square in SF. Much BS flew over a beer or three and the discussion turned to the left tongue. He is one of the few people I dare to mention what I am thinking in person. It is so far out there that most people will not understand or relate to what I am saying.

I asked him to look at my face normally then switch to his left eye and look at my left eye. Then I had him switch back to his normal. I was doing the same. His right eye and right side of the face is who I know and relate. A smart intelligent considerate guy who has faced significant obstacles along with significant advantages of being white middle classed. Any way the left side of his face is not that person and intellect. It is quiet withdrawn with a hint of sadness but not unfriendly. It is unfamiliar for me to look at that side of him but if I switch back to my normal right eye to right/eye side of face it is the usual brother that I know and love. It was remarkable to me that I could perceive the discrepancy more in someone that I know so well. I tried to convince him is that we communicate right side to right side and that is how we learned from an early age to perceive to others and that mimicking with feedback led to the right tongues dominance to the exclusion of the left tongues perception.

He has read many of my posts and does not see where I am going with all this. I do not have a plan or know. I believe he understands some/most of the difficulties in my life are of my own making. I don't have a good answer.

Where to?

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