Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hydrostatic tongues


I am playing with the image that I have two fire hoses linked together in the back and I can shift fluid/water and pressure from one to the other. When I try to move my left tongue by itself it feels like it runs into resistance. I am thinking that my left tongue use in my normal right tongue dominant way is more to shift the hydrostatic properties to the right. So when I try to use the tongue in the new left tongue mode it is fighting the hydrostatic properties of the right tongue. The right tongue has to give up it's dominance and to play with that in my minds eye I am draining the right fire hose and filling the left so the pressure inside it builds up. There is a little more action in my left tongue movement that way but I am still not able either to completely drain the right or fill the left so to speak.

Clip of a firehose layed out in a tongue shape coming under pressure

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