Friday, June 7, 2013

Skewed for the right

I don't think I am representative of everyone. Watching many of the commentators on TV it is hard for me to guess the dominant side.  I do feel I fit somewhere on the normal spectrum but that I am asymmetrical more than most. Playing with left side of the musculature of my face tongue and throat I now feel I did not differentiate it from the right side during my life. I am not clear if it adapted a subordinate role or it did not develop as completely as it could. I actually never focused on the left side of another person's face. It did not register in my consciousness unless obviously disfigured.  Now it seems almost natural to look for it.

In the last post I referred to studies with kittens with their eye sewn shut. If they sewed both eyes shut at a young age and kept it sewed long enough the kittens adapted to being blind and did not see when they removed the sutures. I believe I am/was blind to my left tongue/throat /side of face and the corresponding left side features of who ever I conversed with. I think my musculature and posture was/is skewed in a similar way. I twist back on the left to allow the right a slight but important position of advantage in daily tasks. However my posture is mainly a reflection of how and what I learned in my interaction with others.

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