Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The eye is the window to the communicating mind

Even children know

As it turned out, it was — even among young children. [Take the test]
"The indirect nature of our method, and the fact that these judgments are shared by adults and preschoolers, suggests that our results do not reflect a culturally learned understanding … but might instead be rooted in a more intuitive or phenomenological sense of where in our bodies we reside," the authors concluded.

Thinking about my brother's left eye. It often in conversing with him would go out to the left. Sometimes during periods of greater animation it would seem to be more coordinated with his right eye. However it felt like it was his right eye/side of face who was communicating with me. I believe it is something I recognized early on in childhood and imitated with the feedback from my parents. My sense is the dominance of my right side (left cerebral hemisphere) is either enhanced or created by that sense. My right tongue dominance feels to be an byproduct of the communication process more than the originator.

I am still playing with moving my left tongue and having difficulty. There is a strong connection to my left eye as it moves as my left eye almost feels it is pulled by the movement of the left tongue. I do not know the origin of the pull. My guess it is a combination of a type of habitual reflex with a possible fascial influence. I  still have a very spastic sense of it when it moves like it is struggling against resistance.

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