Saturday, June 1, 2013

Never before the jaw

Most of my adult life my left jaw has popped. I have never had to much pain with it except one week at hockey camp away from home as a teenager. I thought I had a toothache. It  hurt like the dickens all week. Got home and went to the dentist. He did not find a cavity but filed down some teeth minimally in the back and the pain went away. "It's all in your head boy."   Later on at college the popping started at some point

Watching Nat in Unforgettable at 1:00 "Never before"  with the  word 'before' I am visually cueing on the left angle of the jaw and how it softens and lengthens. As I use my left tongue I am also trying to have my mimic his action in the left jaw. The masseter muscle is a very strong muscle the provides along with the temporalis provides much of the force of my bite. While trying to get the jaw soften and lengthen on the left and contribute to the words that I am pronouncing I feel connections to the whole head and upper back. It seems to be the activity of trying to get the words to resonate on the left that allows the ability of the jaw to soften. I feel I need the function of speech being originated in the left jaw and tongue musculature to provide the 'awareness' of the inefficiency in my efforts. I often have tried to relax the area before without tying it to function of speech without any success. Now I can feel it relax temporarily at least.

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