Monday, June 17, 2013

Phil MIckelson


Tough loss for Phil yesterday at the US open. It looked like the tournament was his to win or lose. Above is a short clip of Phil talking about the priorities in his life.  His face is lit on the left side and it seems to me to be his more animated better looking side. I think it is amazing that I would not have seen the left side of his face until relatively recently. It would have been there on the periphery of my consciousness somehow out of the ability for me to to see. I would have focused solely on the right side of his face. I do not think that it is that important for me to figure out what is going on in Phil's head but to identify my habitual tendencies of movement and perception. Not being able to make a connection to the left side of someone else is defining my own limits. It provides a mirror on how I perceive myself.

Update just found out Phil is a righty who grew up playing lefty

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