Monday, June 10, 2013

Party on Garth

Party on Garth. I am finding it harder and harder to find clips that I would like to use on You tube. Google is becoming harder and harder to use also. It feels like I am being steered more often in the direction they want to take me  for advertisers instead of what I am looking for.

Went to a nice party yesterday. It felt very natural to see both sides of peoples faces. It is still amazing to me most of my life I blocked/did not see others left side of face in my vision .  I really only saw the right side of a person's face when engaged in conversation. It feels like now I can be more empathetic to what a person is saying when I see the whole face. I still revert back to my usual old ways whenever there is a hint of anxiety on my part.

I watched a clip of Phil Michelson being interview after the St Jude Classic last night. He is a pro leftie golfer and had hit a beautiful shot into the 18th hole. He was very animated and the the left eye seemed to have an intense feel to me but I am not sure he was communicating with it. The right eye seemed to match what he was saying better while the left providing the intensity. I know this is very subjective and speculative but I had expected to really get the feel the left eye would match the words more from a leftie.

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