Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hyolinqual complexity

The mammalian tongue cannot be viewed as a 'freestanding' organ, Rather for almost all it's functions it depends on it's linkages with the hyoid apparatus and lower jaw.

I am arguing that I feel much more actually going on. I feel in myself is that I have a dominant tongue, the right side and I actually could not feel the motor commands of the left tongue as independent.  The hyolingual complex with it's relationship to lower jaw, skull, muscularly, fasciaularly, and most of all the neuro motor preference are a major contributor of my right handedness.  I am speculating that I developed that preference in reading the dominance of others mostly how I read their eyes and face as an infant (and mimicked along with their expectations of me) but also including voice and other nonverbal clues. During school, sports, eating etc, that I  developed it further and I learned to anticipate in my mind to the right with the left taking a subordinate position,

I  feel I am now having access to my left tongue and plus the above connections influence how I use the whole left side of my spine, ribs and pelvis. I do not know if I will ever be able to significantly change anything. But my left back and side usually feel 'quieter' than ever before. The left hyolinqual complex is far stronger than I can imagine it would be without being able to feel it before and now having access to it I can't imagine why I did not feel it previously.

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