Monday, December 10, 2012

Your Left Eye

I am very middle aged, portly, too sedentary, loved sports growing up but much more a book nerd. In the last five years or so I realized I do not really see the left side of someone else's face.  I connect right eye to right eye if I am able to meet their gaze at all. Since discovering this I pretty much make it a habit to see the left eye unless I get nervous or anxious. For many people the left eye does not look as expressive or as communicative as their right eye. One good exception imo is Nat in Unforgettable which I previously linked.

In Harlow's experiments he creates autism in monkeys by depriving them of contact with their mother.
It is interesting that the ventral surface needs to relax with contact. (I have a very soft underbelly.) This explains to me the necessity of hugs for everyone.

I wonder if the dolls in the video above could look with one eye and express more affection and communication with that eye and expect more communication back from the monkey child (right eye to right eye) would that tendency create more right handedness. Jumping to humans does school reinforce right handedness with reading and writing to the right.  In a world of lefties I wonder if I would have a increased chance of being autistic after being raised for a year with right handed parents.

Late post script
There are many articles with eye contact and autism. I should probably not try to make my ignorance to easy to see.(but I probably will)

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