Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Disputed claim

I am getting the strong feeling on the left tongue, the left inner cheek, and left under chin  is under tension almost like it is too big for the room I give it.  The right side sometimes feels like it claims to much room. Almost a battle going on. No pain at this point but other times yes. There is also a positive feel like the left side is letting go but also under tension as it tries for more space.

Playing a lot with viewing song words in my head to the left (mirror image) and trying to emphasize the left tongue use in the pronunciation of the words.  There seems to be a few layers with the complexity of words. There is the visualization of the word's letters, the meaning of the word, the sound of the word, and the muscular action of saying the word. They all may be separate things I am playing with and I am not sure I am getting any of them 'left'

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