Thursday, December 13, 2012

Reading right to left

I have been reading kids books in the mirror on the idea that it will stimulate the right hemisphere more.  Don't know if it is doing anything. I am reading on 2nd grade level. The printing and the spacing of the the books make them easier to read. Anything much harder I can still read but it becomes agonizing slow as I have to switch the letters in my mind one at a time. It does not feel like reading.

Does reading left to right (normal) train the brain in a certain way? It is an arbitrary direction as other cultures write/read in different directions.  I do not know if trying it is going to accomplish anything but I am going to keep reading in the mirror for awhile yet

My feeling that I have a left tongue is pretty strong this morning, I am finally getting a sense of the surface of the left tongue as it moves. It sort does it's own thing which is disconcerting,  I hope I do not try and say two things at once (tongues in cheek)

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