Friday, December 7, 2012

Starting Over

Pulled all the posts on the other blog. I was not sure if I was aspirating playing with the left tongue and if I was I did not want to risk the faint possibility that others might. I was not very active in spreading the word on the other blog I am going to be less so with this one. Also going to be much more apolitical. More of a working diary than anything else. There is always the faint chance that someone may stumble here which is a good thing. It will help keep me somewhat focused and hopefully a tiny bit rational.

I am getting more perception of the left tongue. I think I am finally feeling where the surface of the left tongue is when I use it in speech while trying to use the left tongue.  Been working with reading and writing right to left (mirror image). I think I am actually viewing the mirror written word in my imagination. In a way it feels like I am thinking to the left.

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