Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hyoid location

Hyoid location

Fun animated gif of the hyoid location in the skeleton. The hyoid wraps around the missing airway. When I try to imagine the tongue musculature and the corresponding connecting muscles that link to the skull, sternum and scapulae it's positioning seems to increase in importance. I feel there is a significant difference in how I use the right and left musculature that connect to this small bone.

hyoid movement swallowing

Swallowing scan showing elevation of hyoid along with swallowing. Watching this it gives a different impression of what I feel. It looks like the position of the hyoid is almost unimportant and that there would be a range of places that it could be without any pull on other structures. When I try to internalize the feel and ask for a slight change in my hyoids position in a rotational movement it feels like it generates significant torque internally. I am probably recruiting more than I mean to.

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