Sunday, April 28, 2013


Why do I keep on posting about this? It does not seem possible for it to go anywhere. I do not seem to have the ability to present it in a way that attracts other people to consider it.   At this time I have no plans to return to working with patients in rehab. Going back to school and advancing the idea through academics does not seem plausible. There is a serious possibility that I am using it for an avoidance technique instead of moving on with my life.  I am not making any allies, probably making more people in my small circle of  acquaintances uncomfortable with me.

I am not sure why. I think it is a more correct view. I do not want to say 'right' as that almost seems to be the problem. It feels that I am 'right' when I am in the 'right tongue mode'. The 'left tongue mode' almost seems to demand the feeling that I am 'left'.

I believe it would benefit others if I am more 'left' in certain specific situations. I think it could have applications in stroke , brain injury , idiopathic scoliosis, common back and neck pain. It also may have contributions on a much more general level. But that is not the 'why'.

In a sense am I just being a stubborn ass? Like a man clinging to a life ring in 3 feet deep water.  I really need it "I do, I do!"  Very few things are going well for me. My ego is wrapped up in it. What has my life amounted too. Not very much but if I put forward and idea that is a radical change on how we view ourselves that is correct it would be a tremendous self validation.

Is that the 'why' I don't know. Some of it to be certain.

(After doing the 20 minute ponder in the shower) There is a sense I need it to be 'whole'.

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