Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Self delusions

I feel that I talk from my right side to another's right side and receive communication that way.  For most of my life this has been below my level of awareness.  Even now it is hard for me to accept.  Watching interviews on TV or the computer and trying to switch between what I normally do which is right eye to right eye and then to the unfamiliar left eye to left eye I am becoming more aware of my discrepancy.

It feels the same with my left tongue.  The normal right tongue is what my body image felt to have a right and left side and I could use it eat, swallow,  move my tongue in either direction, talk and breath without difficulty  but seems to be a self illusory delusion.  I now can feel a left tongue which has trouble with all of the above but is separate as my left hand is from my right hand in terms of directing movement.

Or I am self deluded in another way.

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