Friday, April 5, 2013

Left tongue Left eye

Been watching the tube with right eye closed using my left eye to scan the commentator's face, I scan the left side then the right side. My feeling is I am sort of lost when looking at the left side. Almost like the words have less meaning. Switching my view over to the right side of the commentator's face and the words make more sense.

Inside myself the 'left' tongue is gaining more form. The movements are still spastic like they are pushing against something. Control is poor, the movements small, and the best results seem to ask for tiny gentle movements as I try to feel/imagine as much of the left tongue as I can  The left front tip of the tongue seems to becoming slowly defined. Normally it feels like I sense my tongues position based on the right front tip. While in the 'left' tongue mode any time I come into contact with something it feels like I automatically switch back to the 'right' tongue mode. There seems to be strong connection with the left front tip and the left eye. I have been working with moving the left tongue with the left eye in the same and then in the opposite direction. It is interesting the feeling of activation I get along the musculature very close to my spine on the left side.

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