Saturday, April 27, 2013

Left and Right Tongue Images

I think the image that I had one tongue is wrong. How could I go through my whole life and not know I had a 'left tongue'? I could feel the left side of the tongue in the 'normal right tongue mode' and use it normally. However this is different. There is a conscious control and picture of the left tongue that is developing. Even though it pertains to the left side of the tongue it is not the left side of the tongue. It is the 'left tongue' and it is has only a very hazy picture of the right side of the 'left tongue'. The left side of the left tongue is not complete either but the image of it is different than 6 months ago. A sense that it is wider and the surface of the left tongue is becoming clearer. The musculature under the surface of the tongue is becoming easier to access and play with though the control is still very poor. I know what I want it to do but unable to pull it off

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