Monday, April 8, 2013

Deep Left Throat

Warning Playing with this stuff can hurt you very easily

My normal image is that I have one throat with two sides like my tongue.  Trying to move the hyoid with the left side coming forward while right side of the hyoid moves back and then right forward left back has created a different image. I have a left throat cojoined with a right throat.  The controls are separate. The left side as independent did not exist for me. I suspect the left to have be dominated by the right side for the use of speech. To feel the left side have the ability to move lengthen and relax has an immediate strong influence on my cervical posture. I can now feel for the first time the area under the chin extending down to the sternum and clavicle as two sides. It feels more correct but I also am more vulnerable in that there is confusion between the normal and new image. I think I can hurt myself relatively easily. Neck discomfort can be a real pain in the southern orifice.

Massage of the Anterior Throat

Two thoughts watching the above video.

1) Why would there be an equality between the left and right side of the anterior throat?
2) Does the posterior neck adjust to the imbalances of the anterior throat ?

I feel I am beginning to be able to talk with the left tongue and throat. Inhibition (relaxation) of the musculature is necessary for proper functioning. I could not relax what I could not feel as independent.

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