Monday, April 22, 2013

Body Image and function

I have always had the image I have one tongue with two sides. I now feel I have two tongues a left and right co-joined.  The left tongue did not exist as something independent of the right. Which image is more correct? There are two separate areas of control for the tongue, two sets of nerves, two sets of muscles. What confuses me is that I can move my tongue left and right easily in the right tongue dominated mode and I can barely do anything with it in what I describe as my left tongue mode.

Why would I not know about the left tongue? The most obvious answer is that it does not exist and I am not in my right mind.  But now I have a sense of it and I am left with the thought that I am in my right mind even though that is the least obvious choice. What is showing up for me more and more is that my left side operates in speech, communication and daily function in a subservient role. It appears that I have learned to be 'right' as most of society is that way. I think my right eye's ability to cross the body midline and connect with someone other's right eye is mirrored in my right tongue. The incomplete connection that I am making with my left eye to someone else's left eye is mirrored in my left tongues 's ability. However the image of my left tongue is growing and it is improving slowly.

It feels like my normal body image of one tongue is reflected in the basis for my right handedness tied to the use of my right eye but it is something I can affect and change.

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