Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's complicated

I now believe as I grew up I learned to see the right side of other's faces and the mimicking of those movements had a great influence in leading to the right side dominance of my speech and the corresponding left side of my brain. When I use my left eye to see to others left eye it takes a long time to see a persona manifested in the left side of their head. It is automatic on the right but with the left I often have to use my imagination and a careful scanning of the face on the left. Somehow my brain can then put a persona there but not always. Sometimes it is easier and I wonder what the problem was with the other times that I did not manage to have a persona appear.

It makes me wonder about my whole process and doubt what I am believing at times. However I can feel the postural adjustments in reaction to relating to the persona on their left and the relatively new way I am able to use the left sublingual/throat/jaw/head/neck musculature. It is a different process. I then wonder why it never developed before. But the process is complicated and it feels to me that is why it may have never developed. In trying to see with my left eye I have to first put my attention in it.Then I have to move it to center on their left eye and somehow get a global image that includes the persona. However if I am correct about the right eye to right eye connection it is the input of others that I noticed very young. It is the development of reading the more active side of the face that is more natural and productive. It develops and developing the left side would just confuse matters.

From the second article linked in previous post. It does not make the division between the sides of the face that I believe is important in my development of how I see others. I mimic what I see not what I don't.

Humans are incessant imitators. We unintentionally imitate subtle aspects of each other's mannerisms, postures and facial expressions. We also imitate each other's speech patterns, including inflections, talking speed and speaking style. Sometimes, we even take on the foreign accent of the person to whom we're talking, leading to embarrassing consequences.

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