Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Left tongue creationism

In trying to get my left tongue/sublingual muscles and throat to pronounce words there is a distinct muscular pattern to form a pronunciation of the word. If I check in on my normal right side creation of the muscular pattern the right side seems to be in charge of the origin of the word while the left is used in a undifferentiated sense. Getting the left side to create the words is often tricky as I can easily switch back unnoticed to my normal right side dominated generation. However I think I am succeeding in getting the left side a good portion of the time. As each word has a different sound formation pattern there are a great many patterns to achieve. What is interesting I seem to know how to make the sounds but have more difficulty achieving the result I want. I don't have to think about shaping the left tongue for the long O sound in 'hello' but more on the coordination side of what I am trying to achieve.

Trying to coordinate the sounds often is difficult and I am slower on the left than the right.  The whole head, neck and throat complex feels to be involved in the coordination of the simple saying of the word 'hello'

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