Monday, November 10, 2014

I identify with the right

Re reading some of my posts. It is embarrassing how badly I write.

I am trying to identify why I could not feel the musculature moving on the left side of my face/throat tongue prior to a relatively recent history. I could sense these areas to touch or sensation and the areas did move. However I am feeling movement in a different way in these areas that feels to be left side dominated instead of a more reflexive habitual left side to a right side functionally dominant way.

It appears that the function sets the playing field. As an infant I believe I saw people's right side of their face/eye as the more expressive and mimicked that with my right side as the communication was directed that way. After trial and error the slight adjustments that led to the right side being in a more optimal position and utilized my left side to facilitate the right. The identification of the movement became right sided with the passage of time with more and more control going into the myriad of movement patterns including those necessary for making sound expressing emotions. The left's role being more a facilitator which often means stabilization and less movement.

For example I identify eating with the movement of the right side so much when I try to eat left handed with a utensil I still use my jaw trunk shoulders in a right side dominated pattern. As I bring the fork to my mouth I run into increased resistance. It becomes hard to get the fork in my mouth and I can feel the over effort to get the job done. I can make it a great deal easier if I just use my shoulder blades in the opposite normal pattern. If I retract and stabilize the right shoulder blade and let the left be more free to protract then it becomes much more easier for me to reach my mouth.

If I try to throw a ball with with my left arm the main activity that needs to be adjusted is the role of the right. It is the right arm/shoulder complex that needs  to allow the throw from the left. It is also remarkable how I switch back to the right side dominated pattern when my sense of the situation is that is difficult for the left to make the particular throw. (Say if the throw is just a little longer than I think I can make easily then there is an unconscious shift in the way I organize my shoulders)

I think the same is true in how I use the tongue/throat/face/lips musculature. The movement is identified with the right side. I am saying movement when a great deal of it is the spoken word but there is a muscular pattern with every word to generate the particular sound. There is also a facial/eye expression that assists along with hand and postural and hand gestures that facilitate the communication. All of these elements have become right side dominant with the left taking a subordinate role. To switch to the left side dominated speech takes a great deal then just remembering the word. I have to reorganize how I use myself on multiple levels.

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