Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Left unseen

I have been playing with the left tongue/throat/side of head as usual and I am trying to account for why I had no sense of this musculature moving in the way it does now.  It appears that I never developed independent action of my left side muscles. I could use them only in relationship to the right side dominated activity. Using my left eye to  focus on the left eye of others is beginning to allow me to see the persona of someone else as existing in the left side of their head. Most of the time the right side of others seems to be the more expressive side and it is hard for me to maintain my left eye to eye contact as my usual sense is to search for the greater feedback and nonverbal communication muscular actions. By putting my attention in my left eye and having it cross the midline of other's head  (the opposite of my usual habit) seems to put my left eye in charge and provokes the response of my trying to mimic what I see. The mimicking seems to happen at level on the borderline of my awareness and I get the feel I am getting more information than I consciously recognize.

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