Monday, October 13, 2014

Don't necrotising me, Bro!

Our daughter was in a public school kindergarten and we both worked so she would go to the day care on school property after class. I got a call from the school one day with the lead off from the administrator "If you are going to take your daughter out of school you need to tell us." I said "What" and proceeded to break all traffic rules getting to school as fast as possible as neither of us picked up our daughter early. She was there safe and sound and first she thing said was "They did not 'necrotise' me" (recognize me).

My usual habit is to see the persona existing in the right eye/face of the person I am talking to. It is often hard for me while attending to my left eye to recognize the persona in the left eye/face. I may be looking at the left eye but my brain needs to perform some of it's magic before I 'necrotise' the persona.

Attending to my left eye does not seem to be different than attending to one's left hand if playing a instrument. It is fairly easy to do but I have found I often am not doing what I think I am doing with regards to movement.  Moshe Feldenkrais created a bunch of exercises that were suppose to enhance awareness while doing movements. The major awareness I came away with is that I am not very aware of how I move. I have spent far more time than most breaking down some very elemental moves but continue to see others move with far more grace, elegance, and power than myself. I do feel my pattern of communicating with left tongue/lips/sublingual muscles/throat is something different and it does change my usual habit of use and posture in the face skull and spine with some change being felt as far as the pelvis. It is a combination of differentiating between the left and right musculature of eye and face and seeing the perona existing in the left eye/face of others that seems to be the most productive at enhancing the change. There is also some benefit by attending to the sound of my voice being generated in left throat and sublingual muscles. It is still by far and away not something I can do easily and the movements often feel spastic like moving against a strong resistance.

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