Saturday, October 18, 2014

Centering with the left eye to left eye

I am studying other's left eye face with my attention in my left eye often. It is the easiest to do on the tube but there feels to be a difference in real life. I seem to be captured by my habitual more in the day to day interactions while on TV I can do my own thingy and not be involved in an interaction. My left tongue/sublingual/throat musculature has a strong connection to my left eye. When my left eye 'centers' on the left eye of who I am watching there is a vivid sense that my left tongue/subl/throat muscles are being pulled along with the eye motion. There is a feeling of tension that extends to a large portion of my left side. I am trying at times to move inside that framework with simple things like turning my head back and forth.  It is quite easy to come out of it and do the usual right side dominated movement however I think the movement is on occasion left side dominant when I can manintain left eye/subl/throat feeling.

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