Monday, January 19, 2015

Left unknown

Gaining some control over the left sublingual musculature has given a me a 'left' I did not have previously in the movements of my head. I don't know what others experience so to make generalizations about what they see and feel in their heads does not seem correct. My sense now is that I had control of my head dominated by the right side perspective and now I have a small but different and incomplete use of some of the musculoskeletal components of my head and upper spine. It feels 'left' but spastic and poorly controlled. I believe I can switch in and out of it's use during speech and movement but what is hard for me to ascertain correctly is how much of my previous normal is contributing to the new mode of using the 'left' control. It may be far more than I can sense accurately.

I have been watching news programs with the sound off focusing on the left side and eye of the 'talking heads'. Also playing with trying to play with the control of the musculature that I can access on the left. I think they tie together in a way I do not understand fully.

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