Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chicks get it

The left side of the space is the right side of the face in opposition

Humans and animals do not have perfectly symmetrical brains and some functions are also biased to one side or the other - for example, a process called "pseudoneglect" means we pay slightly more attention to objects in the left side of space than the right. This has been proposed as an explanation for why we often start counting a series of objects with the one on the far the left.

Chicks place low numbers on the left bbc article

Does reading left to right (normal) train the brain in a certain way? It is an arbitrary direction as other cultures write/read in different directions.  I do not know if trying it is going to accomplish anything but I am going to keep reading in the mirror for awhile yet

Reading right to left

Have not been playing with this lately.  When I try to sing the song 'Unforgetable' I often try and imagine the words in the mirror image running to the left but that's about it.

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