Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vodka, grapefruit and talking heads

Many drinking establishments have multiple TV screens assigned to various sporting events. Usually most with the sound off as not to compete with the one set with sound.  Watching the talking heads focusing on the left side of their head seems to be strangely productive in helping my left side tongue/sublingual region/throat/face to develop. I would have expected that hearing the sound would be better for me as I would translate the word and the facial expressions together. That process still may be valid but watching the TV with the sound off seems to prompt the occasional word to pop up in my head 'hey that is what he/she said'.  It happens on a level that is superior to my intellect. I don't puzzle it out it just happens.  Later (often the next day) there seems to be more sense of my left side structures and musculature. I don't know if the process will continue to develop but those greyhounds don't drink themselves.

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