Saturday, November 9, 2013

Left nostril smells bull

Nick Brown smelled bull

I still cannot control my left tongue which always makes me wonder if I am bullshitting myself. I feel like I can talk and sing with it. It changes the dynamics of how I use my head musculature in a way I never felt before becoming aware of it.  I am seeing the left eye and face of people when I talk to them while using my left eye to make the connection and see on occasion a persona on the left. It is very easy for me to see a persona on the right side of others that I can read and relate to but on the left I almost have to imagine a persona before I can see it. There are many time I just see the left eye devoid of a personality. I am not clear whether I don't see a persona or many have a deficit of their own on the left.

Maybe I should just work on my sense of smell with my left nostril.

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