Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The evil left eye

Often I try to see a newscaster's on TV left eye with my left eye. It is not as easy as it sounds for me as often I look at forehead first then below the eye next then by the nose and finally the eye. I am trying to get to the eye but it is almost as if I do not want to see it. There is something scary to me about the left eye to left eye connection..

A couple of clips. the first is from the movie The Natural at the 29 second mark Darren McGavin's character uses his left eye to see the future/present in a supernatural way.

Gus Sand the gambler's left eye

In the Harry Potter series Mad Moody's eye is not as scary because of it's over artificiality but still I am reluctant to make the connection especially with my left eye.

Mad Moody's left eye

Playing with my left eye in a way where I try to connect with another's left eye and then including my left tongue I get a stronger feel that I can use the left side of my head in a non-subordinated way to my right side. It is not my normal use of my head.

Darren McGavin head crop

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