Friday, August 23, 2013

Danny boy

Danny boy

Nice version of Danny boy by Sinead O Connor.  As I tend not to relate to the left side of the face with right side of her face in the dark I think I tend to listen to the sound of her voice more than if the right side of her face was lit.

However it is a good video for me to watch if I am trying to see the left side as part of someone to relate to. There is a different feel on the left side of my face as I try to read her left side of face. It takes effort on my part to imagine a personality behind the beauty of her face and song while I watch.


After watching some more with my right eye shut and looking for the persona on the left I am struck by the size of my deficit in being able to see her manifested in the left side of her face.

Sweet Molly Malone

Another song with a nice close up where on a few occasions I can actually imagine a persona on the left that I relate to. Almost like for my left side to develop I need the perception of another person on their left side for it to start.

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