Sunday, August 4, 2013

Do I keep posting?

Do I give up on the left tongue?

Went for a walk on the trail again last night.  Trying to connect and read the left side of the people we (wife and I) met coming down the trail. At a long distance I have very little clue by observing the left eye and face who they are or what they are feeling. My sense by observing the right side I can come to some sort of conclusion even though I may be wrong. At a certain point some people react to my 'left smile' and then I see them in a sense come alive for me on the left side of their face.

Many people are exercising, talking or engrossed in their own thoughts so it is difficult/useless to make generalizations about others but I can observe my own perceptions and easily jump to the not 'right' conclusion. The way I relate to others has an immense influence on my posture and the use of my head, spine etc..  I am in a sense one sided because I see others as one sided.

I do not know of anyone else talking about this. I may be wrong but I will keep exploring it, playing with my 'left tongue' while wandering down the 'sinister' path of life.

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