Thursday, August 1, 2013

Left side face discount

Walking on the bike path today. Weather was great. I am trying to see other peoples and relate to other people's left side of face from a fairly good distance away. Even though I am deliberately trying to look only at the left side of people's face, my tendency is to see only the right side. A person may be thirty yards out and I am already reading who they are based on what I see only on their right side. I discount the left side almost if it is not human or that it does not exist. I relate to others only as a half person. I have to deliberately try and scan the left side and almost guess what I do naturally in seeing the right.

I believe I am originating a 'left' smile better than I ever have and it occasionally shocks me how much better some people relate to it. More than once I have been surprised at the friendliness of a person that I do not think I would have made a connection with before if I was only showing my usual 'right' smile.

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