Sunday, August 18, 2013

Eye to eye

Walking on the trails again. I have been observing the left eye and face of others as we pass on the right. The feeling that I do not really see the left side of face spontaneously or even relate to that side as being a person seems more and more self evident. On the surface it would seem easy to differentiate what I am doing. The assumption I always have had was of course I relate to a person as a left and right side. The reality is I do not. I see the right side as the person I relate to.  I do not think this is true of everyone but again I think I fall in a normal range. I may look at the left side of ten people's face and only get the gestalt of one as a individual personality. Even though I am looking at the left my prejudice is that right side is the "person". It is much harder for me than it would seem to be.

It feels like this is the basis for my right handedness and the dominance of the right tongue. There is a strong connection of my left tongue and left eye but I am unclear to the origin or mechanics. Spontaneous movement of one feels to be reflected in the other. The movements feel foreign, somewhat spastic, limited in control but more powerful in the limited range than would seem possible because if I switch back to the normal 'right' side control they cease to exist.

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