Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Am I wrong about the 'left tongue'?

I feel the musculature under the tongue which I believe to be the extrinsic muscles in a way that I never did before.  There is a differentiation between the left and right musculature and I can ask one side to contract and the other to relax. It feels like I usually keep the left side more contracted than the right. Feeling these muscles move and relax independently may have given me the feeling of having a 'left tongue' but when I move to the intrinsic tongue musculature and surface of the tongue,  I am not as clear with the differentiation of the left and right. In other words I may be wrong about the idea of the 'left tongue'. I still cannot get what I feel to be the left tongue to move in a way that says I am doing what I think I am doing. I have delayed posting this as it is somewhat embarrassing even though there is a high possibility that the only person reading this is myself.  I keep playing with what feels to be the left tongue but when I check it by moving the tongue normally the locations do not line up. I am not totally convinced I am wrong. I am planning on to keep on playing with my possible non existent 'left tongue' and see where it leads.

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