Friday, July 26, 2013

Twisted to the left

In recent play with my left tongue there is increased cooperation with the musculature of the left side of head, face, neck and throat.  It feels like I 'fixed' these structures in place so that I would be able to express and read emotions with my right side. The right eye was in a slight position of dominance with my left eye almost held out to the left. It feels like my head was twisted slightly to the left in order to facilitate the right sided dominance. The slight twist of the head is immediately translated to the spine and then pelvis with slight engagement backwards on the left. There is a nice sense of relaxation on the left erector spinae when I let my left tongue relax/ push? forward. It is not something that I can maintain as I tend to go back into my familiar right side dominated mode with a slight drop in my attention to my left tongue. My right side moves into the position of dominance very quickly as it is who I am. It is how I related to the world for over a half century and most likely will to continue be the more natural way I engage my environment.

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