Thursday, July 25, 2013

Half a brain

Rewired Link is gone

Rewired same story without video

Nice short video of a gal who probably had a stroke in the womb which led to a major impairments.
It is incredible what she was able to accomplish. The family support was probably the key to her gaining the function that she has.

Her gait does not seem that abnormal. On the stairs it is more pronounced.  I do not know if she uses orthotics. What I find amazing is that she can walk at all. It is interesting that the Doc suggested that she may have gained certain functions at the expense of others.  There may have been a trade off between analytic/movement functions and emotional/understanding control.

Her speech seems only slightly impaired. She is missing her left cortex where usually the speech centers are. She appears to be using her the left side and mirroring the movements partially with the right when she talks. I feel when I talk my right side dominates with my left badly imitating. As far as I know I do not have only a half a brain but I am wondering if my left hemisphere is asserting more control in the function of speech than a strict wiring to the right side of my face,tongue, throat, and eye. In essence does the function of speech dominate my structures over time?

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